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Visual Tools V3 - LUTs

Visual Tools V3 - LUTs

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The latest in stylized looks from HALCYON! This pack comes with 16 LUTs in .cube and .look format, for maximum compatibility. Our LUTs are different in the fact that we design these for specific scenarios, not a one size fits all option. In addition, we take into account the color of the vehicle, making sure it stays accurate. If there are any hue shifts, it will be noted in the PDF guide.

9 of the LUTs are designed for Sony s-Log2/3, but can be applied to other manufacturers LOG profiles as well.

Biscayne (Cine 4)
: Step into the beach with Biscayne! This is our first offering to the Cine4 color profile. This LUT will bring warm tones and hue shifts in the blue and greens to a turquoise / aqua palate, popular in commercial automotive photography. Not recommended for cooler colored vehicles.

Corrado: Named after the time period you could find a new Volkswagen Corrado, this LUT is great for sunny days, and some cloud coverage. Vintage feel and look. Drop the intensity and add your own contrast to dial back the yellow tint.

Her: Inspired by the warm, red tones of the movie "Her". Warm and red, with a flat contrast. Lifted shadows and midtones. Great for sunny or cloudy days.

ICEY: Personal favorite of mine. As the name suggests, this LUT is a cold one. Cyan's and blues throughout the shadows, mids, and highlights. Boosted highlights, a strong gamma curve give footage a crispy, loud look. Luma is desaturated in the highlights, giving more pop to the shadows.

Miami: One of my favorite looks to date, you can reference our video
“MIAMI TLX” for examples, as this LUT was based off of that grade.
Simply clean, with some color shifts and added cyans for a high key
commercial look. Best used at 5500K white balance. This LUT loves
an overexposed image, so be sure you are exposing to the right.

OZARK: Mimicing the look from my favorite Netflix series, Ozark is a grim and ominous grade. Greens and blues overtake the image, this looks especially good used in a forest setting. This LUT drops exposure all throughout the highlights, mids and shadows, don’t let a dark image scare you from thinking it doesn’t look good! Recommended white balance of 4500-5000K.

PURPLE HAZE: Purple Haze is one of the most stylistic LUTS I have produced to date. This LUT crushes down exposure, adds magentas and reds for a cinematic, retro look. Best used on sunny days with A LOT of available light. Not recommended for cars in the red/yellow/orange palette as it will shift the hue of the paint.

ROTARY: For a stylisic approach that helps cure Sony’s inaccurate color science,this is it. Hue shifts correct Sony’s tendencies to shift greens to yellow, and reds to orange. Brightened highlights, dropped shadows and slightly decreased saturation will give your images pop. Great for sunny or cloudy footage!

STORM (CINE4): While it’s not necessary to go and shoot something in a storm for this LUT to work, this LUT designed for Cine4 night footage can enhance the feel of any night footage to look more ominous. A clean profile to help with noise, with some added blue and cyan tones. Minimal exposure adjustments. Recommended white balance of 3200K.

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