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Visual Tools V2 - LUTs

Visual Tools V2 - LUTs

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Our most popular LUT pack.

Our LUTs are different in the fact that we design these for specific scenarios, not a one size fits all option. In addition, we take into account the color of the vehicle, making sure it stays accurate. If there are any hue shifts, it will be noted in the PDF guide.

This LUT pack includes 11 stylized LUTs, and 4 correction LUTs.

Atlanta: Inspired by the landscape of The Walking Dead, this cold, yet warm LUT is a personal favorite. Fall into the shadows with cyan and blues, red highlights, and yellow midtones. Works great for skin tones. Example found from 00:00 - 1:28 in this video.

Coastal: Named after the time period you could find a new Volkswagen Corrado, this LUT is great for sunny days, and some cloud coverage. Vintage feel and look. Drop the intensity and add your own contrast to dial back the yellow tint.

Drive: Great for those impactful driving edits. Works great in an urban or woodland setting. Heavy contrast, dark shadows, blue and yellow mix. Example found in this video.

Forest Run: Designed specifically for woodland enviornments, this LUT can help to add a pop to your edit, while providing a unique grade. Works well in sunny conditions, do not recommend applying with yellow vehicles. Example found from 0:40 - 1:37 in this video.

Hypemonster: I would of called this one Hypebeast, but didn't wanna get a cease and desist, hah. This one gets it's name from being a super popular look back in the urban photography hype days, this one is COLD! Works best in cloudy conditions. Do not recommend for warmer colored vehicles as it will desaturate them. Stick to blue or neutral colored vehicles! Example found from 07:38 - 10:00 in this video.

Ikiryo: Typically, I don't do too much stylized color grading for indoor events, but when I developed this one, I knew it had to be shared. Find some dark music and let it rip. Example from 6:42 - 7:44 in this video.

Magic Hour: Bring back the days of the VSCO fade with this one, as the name suggests, it's great for magic hour. Example found in this video.

Nightwave: Pump up the synthwave + apply this LUT = vibes. Can work in both orange and white lighting. Example found from 1:38 - 3:37 in this video.

Sundown: Another LUT for your magic hour options! This one doesn't have the gamma fade of Magic Hour, but still carries the warm vibes.

Umibozu: A black and white LUT! Well, almost. There's still a 10% saturation on this one, but depending on your subject, may not even be noticeable. Clean, simple contrast. Example found in this video

Following those, we have 4 correction LUTs. 2 are designed for use at indoor car shows, where lighting may be too green or too magenta, these will help neutral those awful florescent lights. Red selective is designed to help fix Sony's color issues with reds being too orange, bringing them close to a true red. Lastly, there is Outdoor Boost, which is a clean, Rec.709 LUT for strong contrast and popping color. May be too strong depending on exposure, use adjustments accordingly.

File size: 134 MB

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