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Visual Tools V1 - LUTs

Visual Tools V1 - LUTs

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Our LUTs are different in the fact that we design these for specific scenarios, not a one size fits all option. In addition, we take into account the color of the vehicle, making sure it stays accurate. If there are any hue shifts, it will be noted in the PDF guide.

This LUT pack includes 9 correction LUTs and 7 stylized LUTs. In addition, a pack of clean 4K flares, and a Premiere project setup template!

File size: 100 MB

Note: Because digital products can not be returned, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. Copyright belongs to Halcyon Media, LLC. Redistribution or resale is illegal and will be charged as such.

Care Instructions

Be sure to save your assets to a safe storage medium to prevent loss.

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