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4K VHS Overlay Pack

4K VHS Overlay Pack

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The classic VHS look - now without the work. Apply different types of grain, color, static, and frames to your footage with this helpful VHS overlay collection.

This pack includes 23 overlays of 3 different types in 16x9 format.
            - VHS Menu / Display (12 clips)
            - Grain Overlays (4 clips)
            - Interlacing (2 clips)
            - Tracking Static / Noise (5 clips)
            - 10 SFX

All clips are 10 seconds long. Due to the nature of the grain and static, it is virtually impossible to differentiate when the clip is looped.

The possibilities are endless with this pack. Play around with different blending modes for different effects, but we've designed these to work best as an "overlay" and "hard light" layer, as well as "screen". Included are the standard PLAY / REWIND / FAST FORWARD / EJECT text prompts in both blue and black, along with any type of grain, noise, or static you'll need! These overlays work in ANY editor as they are simply MP4 clips. Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci, Vegas, etc!

These overlays are royalty free, you may use these overlays in any personal or commercial fashion.

Your download will be prompted after purchase and emailed. Download active for 24 hours.

File size: 1.62 GB

Note: Because digital products can not be returned, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. Copyright belongs to Halcyon Media, LLC. Redistribution or resale is illegal and will be charged as such.

Care Instructions

Be sure to save your assets to a safe storage medium to prevent loss.

Assets can be resent to email on file with proof of purchase.

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